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Longer, wider, higher – sometimes the transport task is bigger than the road. And the necessary steps are more wide-ranging than the actual path. This is where Helo Saxony comes into play. Whether it’s construction site transport, industrial plants or large-scale equipment: we have a lot of experience in heavy transports and the necessary tools to help you with your project. And this we do integrally in a complete package, from the organization and approval to the transfer as well as the load. Just ask us – we will solve it for you!


Big things made easy: With our central scheduling and organization we always have everything in view – and with this strategy we successfully drive transports in the field of crane, construction site delivery, industrial facilities, or concrete construction. And, of course, more if needed. We organize the entire approval procedure, the provision of support vehicles or the police – route inspection included. And to ensure that your cargo is safely loaded onto and unloaded from the transport vehicle, we can provide the necessary special equipment from our partners for professional loading and unloading. This is how your major project reaches its destination. In time. And completely individually.


Control of all transports: whether in the open area, with partner vehicles and vehicles of the HELO Trucking GmbH.

Transport of large and heavy equipment

From construction site equipment to industrial plants: we handle your order with the right transport solution.

Organization and

Necessary formalities, organization of support vehicles or police – we take care of it for you.

Loading and unloading with suitable equipment

Not only on, but also off: We have the right equipment for professional loading and unloading.


You like to be on the road or organize with system and passion? Your favorite place is “on the trestle” or at the fully networked, digital workplace? Reliability is self-evident for you and you solve problems with common sense? Then we should talk. So just pick up the phone or write us something meaningful – we are curious!

Email to: kontakt@helo-logistik.de




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