About us

When the asphalt is shining and the engines are running, we are in our element. And on the road on your behalf. Sounds like trucker romance? We can do a lot more: with networked systems, cross-interface order processing and up-to-date e-logistics, we drive into the future for you. On tested routes as well as on new ones. But our passion remains. Hands on!


We get your transport goods on their way. And to the destination: At HELO Logistics, we organize the transport of all goods, as we say in this business, which can be transported with truck tarpaulin. All over Germany and beyond. No matter if break bulk, part loads or full loads. If desired, also in connection with additional services such as storage, packing and packaging. At the same time, we always keep an eye on the entire process: we work effectively and economically at all logistics levels – along with the appropriate interfaces. In this way, we also find the optimal solutions for your requirements. And bring your order to its destination without friction losses.

customer service

The right digital interfaces and information tools for our customers and service providers.

Freight transport without ifs and buts

Break bulk, part loads or full loads – we get your goods on the road throughout Germany and beyond.


We organize the storage of your goods – whether “overnight” or long-term.

fully digitalized

Effective tools provide for optimal transparency, order tracking and for the connection of your systems.


You like to be on the road or organize with system and passion? Your favorite place is “on the trestle” or at the fully networked, digital workplace? Reliability is self-evident for you and you solve problems with common sense? Then we should talk. So just pick up the phone or write us something meaningful – we are curious!

Email to: kontakt@helo-logistik.de




HELO GmbH Logistics & Services
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T. 03443 333 690 | F. 03443 333 699

Branch office

HELO GmbH Logistics & Services
Trabantstraße 2-6 | 08058 Zwickau
T. 0375 21 183 170 | F. 0375 21 183 199